No Cure

by True Hearted

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released November 30, 2013

Vocals: Elliot Morrow
Bass: Josef Alfonso
Guitar: Cole Kakimoto
Drums: Keone Carrillo

All songs written by True Hearted
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Cole Kakimoto



all rights reserved


True Hearted San Jose, California

Four-piece hardcore band. Fast, loud, aggressive.

Elliot Morrow: Vocals
Cole Kakimoto: Guitar
Josef Alfonso: Bass
Keone Carrillo: Drums

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Track Name: Beauty In Death
A child crippled by those who he thought he had loved. Hanging from the abyss. She taught him how to exist.

Beauty in death. I can't believe in such a thing. Everything I know to be true, I had learned it from you. I can never let go of the side of me I'll never show. Shed another tear for me. Please let her go.
Track Name: Skin Deep
Insecurities run skin deep. Wandering eyes that keep you from sleep. A quickening pace towards a violent end. When will you learn that it's all in your head. Aspirations frozen in time. You will never be next in line. When you think like a stone you'll sink to the darkest part of your mind.

Suffer the silence of a judging eye, you can never escape no matter how hard you try. They can only see the outside. Your skin just hides what you hate on the inside.

Nothing to hide.

How can you love what you try to hide? You can never escape what you are on the inside.

On the inside.

How can you hate what you cannot see? Give up the act and just let it be. How can you love what you try to hide? You can never escape what you are on the inside.
Track Name: Creeping Doubt
I felt it again, digging inside my head. I tried to ignore it. I can't bear it. I can't stand it. I wish you could see what these feelings have done to the child in me. Carried by anxiety. I'm digging a hole for the thoughts that try to eat at me.

Exhumed from the dirt. The only thing that fucking hurts. Slipping from my tongue, burning in my lungs. Digging a hole for the thoughts that breed inside my head. A slow decay.

Creeping doubt in its grave.
Track Name: Succubus
Blinded by the anger right in front of my eyes.
Searching for a remedy, I'm swallowing lies. I followed the bread crumbs covered in dirt. Beautiful succubus mending the hurt. Blinded by the anger I lust for your touch.

You filled the void that nothing else could. You made me hurt things I never should. I have loved you forever. Longer than I can remember. I can tell that when they look at me. It is only you that they see. I am blinded by the rage.

Searching for a remedy. I'm swallowing the lies they feed. The pull of your alluring eyes is temptation in its most beautiful disguise.

This love hate relationship is making me fucking sick. I've always loved you, but it's time to quit you.
Track Name: Human
Head in the sand, hands in your pockets. Self affirmation always the topic of discussion. Disgusting obsession. Curing myself of the human condition. Why does it matter? I know I don't matter. Why does it matter? No cure.
Track Name: Twitch
Held back by hesitation. Living up to expectations. There goes my inspiration. Given up, I've given in. Why do I lie to myself? Try to be like everyone else. Just get this out of my head. I can't stop this twitch. Why Oh why can't I scratch this itch?

Slipping through the cracks and I'm not coming back. I try to keep my grip, but keep losing contact. This life is not enough. I feel so stuck. I gave it all I could. Not like I ever had much.

Why do I try to be like everyone else? The perfect boy on display on the shelf. I'm not who I wanted to be. This twitch keeps telling me. Hanging by a thread. The blame is hung over my fucking head. I'm not who I wanted to be. This twitch keeps lying to me.

This twitch won't stop till' I'm fucking dead, but I know I'm perfect just the way I am. This life is a bitch. I can't stop this twitch. I'm losing sleep. Why can't I scratch this itch?
Track Name: Doomed To Existence
Grain of sand slipped though my fingers. Cleansed in the bleach as it fell though the wringer. Scavenged flesh forged in the womb, marching with death. Every step deprived of an end in a desert of guilt. Stigma, disgrace, life is my crime I am doomed to existence.

I am doomed to exist.