White Lace

from by True Hearted



Intolerant tyrant, fascist disciple of hate
One track mind on a course to an early grave
Suffering fool, a tool for abuse
Saluting to your leader as you hang from the noose
Soon to be forgotten like dust in the wind
Obscuring reality with a devilish grin
White lace coward intimidating the poor
Expired beliefs you will sing no more

The hammer of tolerance, bring it down

A symbol of hatred burning deep in your gut
No one to blame when you're caught in a bluff
Wave your flag in the face of the sheep
Marching towards the slaughter recruiting the weak
Uniformed hatred cloaked in clover and ink
Clinging to ideals that continue to sink
So pledge your allegiance to an emblem of oppression
The hammer of tolerance brought down at my discretion

Facial reconstruction by boot
Bring down the boot


from Low Mental Capacity, released April 10, 2014



all rights reserved


True Hearted San Jose, California

Four-piece hardcore band. Fast, loud, aggressive.

Elliot Morrow: Vocals
Cole Kakimoto: Guitar
Josef Alfonso: Bass
Keone Carrillo: Drums

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